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Who we are and what we do

"Mountain Man" Doug  Gentleman George
"Mountain Man" Michael "Princess" Andrea "Gentleman" Matthew
Speciality:  Speciality:  Speciality:
Outdoors / Survival/  Cooking/ Gardening/ Serious Tech Jewelry/ Bags/ Fashion/ Home Decor/ Crafts /Celebrity and Anything "Bling" Watches/ Gadgets/ Gaming / Men's Apparel /Sun Glasses


Meet the Curators 

We are a small team of product curators based in Ireland, dedicated to sourcing the very best quality / best priced goods from all over the world and delivering them to you straight from the manufacturer.  Our team have over 40 years experience in their field and have an outstanding track record in customer service. We work to the highest professional standards.  

What we do 

Exhausted through searching through thousands of ebay or amazon product lists? We are too! We use the latest technology and analytical tools to source the very best (and coolest!) products direct from the manufacturer/ wholesaler. We spend our time sourcing and finding the best "top five" products in their class, based on customer requirements.   We provide an easy, fast, secure and effective interface between Buyers (you) and Suppliers.   We rotate product offerings based on the latest trends and value - so our store front will change every 4 weeks or so.   We will not list fake/ counterfeit goods.  

We also list selected products from Amazon where we are unable to source the product at a more competitive price or where we are unable to list proprietary (branded) products.  

Why are the products such good value? 

The world is changing.  No longer do we have to pay the unnecessary wholesaler and retailer mark ups along the supply chain. Sure you might have to wait a bit longer to receive your goods (see our Shipping and Delivery Info) BUT the trade off is that you are sourcing verified products at the lowest possible cost, directly to your door.  

Our customer charter

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and in the event that you are not satisfied with any of our products, we are committed to resolve any issues swiftly and directly.   


If there is a particular product category you would like us to source - mail us at

Welcome to the future of shopping!

Andrea, Michael and Matt



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